CNA Background Check Requirements

Do you want to become a Certified Nurse Assistant? Here are some background checks for a CNA.

Then you’ll need to know some basic CNA background check requirements. You’ll encounter these essentials as you keep reading this article. Let’s briefly talk about why a CNA background check is necessary.

CNA Background Check

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a healthcare professional who assists patients with activities of daily living and other healthcare needs. These include bathing, dressing, feeding, and more.

These experts often work in a medical setting under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

However, a background check is conducted on each prospective CNA candidate when hiring them for work. The aim is to protect vulnerable populations from fraud, abuse, and exploitation.

Additionally, it’ll ensure the safety of workers and the organization.

Why is CNA Background Check Necessary?

Typically, CNAs perform numerous clinical tasks in the medical industry.

These include hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other healthcare facilities. They help prepare rooms for admissions, dress wounds, bathe patients, gather supplies and documentation, etc.

As mentioned earlier, a background check is necessary for several reasons. First, to confirm whether prospective applicants have the qualifications for their job title.

Secondly, to ensure patients are safe and well cared for. Additionally, they aim to protect the organization from potential liability.

Some CNA Background Check Requirements

Background check requirements for certified nursing assistants vary from one state to another.

But generally, they’re more intensive compared to regular employment screening. That’s because the job position concerns patients with vulnerability.

The following background checks may be conducted depending on the organization you wish to work for. SAM background check, FACIS background check, Office of Inspector General (OIG) checks, and identity verification.

Others include the county and statewide criminal record check, licensed verification, and education verification.

We also have organizations that conduct lab-based drug screens, employment verification, national criminal record search, and national sex offender registry check.

Let’s go over a few of these essentials for better understanding.

  • Education and Employment Verification

Specific details will be required when conducting an educational verification check.

These will include your school’s name and address, year and graduation, and the type of certificate obtained. You may present a diploma, certificate, or degree.

For employment verification, check primarily concerns your work history. Therefore, details about your past employers and the job will be required.

These may include your employer’s name and address, date of employment, and positions you held.

  • Lab-Based Drug Screening

Of course, no organization will want to employ a drug addict or syndicate for the role of CNA. As such, they often carry out a pre-employment drug screen for prospective candidates.

During the screening, a lap test will be conducted on the following substances, cocaine, opiates, and marijuana. Other substances are methadone, propoxyphene, phencyclidine (PCP), methaqualone, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and more.

  • Age

Age is another basic essential requirement for CNAs. Before you can apply for this job position, you must meet the standard age requirement.

Depending on your geographical setting, you must be 16 or 18. Some states permit CNAs at 16 to obtain professional licensure. However, some employers will only hire them once they turn 18.

Your CNA permit may be suspended if you get employed without meeting the legal minimum age. Thus, asking your employer before accepting any job offer would be best.

  • Criminal Record Check

Most organizations often conduct a criminal record check before accepting a CNA. Some information they demand from candidates includes nature, offense, level of disposition, and date.

All these details will prove whether you’ve been convicted before or not.

  • Professional Licensed Requirements

Regarding your professional license, the following details will be demanded—your certificate’s number, type, date of insurance, expiration date, and status.

Some organizations may ask if you have any history of suspension or other sanctions in your professional career.

How is CNA Background Check Conducted?

Several approaches can be employed when carrying out a CNA background check.

DIY is one efficient approach often explored by online vendors. The Do-It-Yourself involves sending multiple requests to former employers, schools, and agencies.

While this may be a sound approach, it has its disadvantages. One of them is that the feedback you’ll get might be updated and complete.

As for online vendors, they typically fly by night to provide the details that are needed. They can give free feedback at some points. But some of their reports need to be more accurate and updated.

In most cases, they do not comply with FCRA and other relevant laws.

Does CNA Background Check Take Long?

This process may take several weeks, depending on the type of screening you opt for.

For the DIY approach, it may take several weeks to months. Remember, it involves sending a request to states, schools, employers, and more.

But if you work with iprospectcheck, you’ll have extensive access to background information resources ASAP. You can also use cutting-edge research methods to speed up the process.

In a couple of hours, you can get your background check reports.

Several Issues Might Prevent You From Becoming a CNA

Yes! Some issues can lower your chances of becoming a certified nursing assistant. Some employers might not even hire you because of such problems.

Among these issues are criminal convictions such as sex crimes, exploitation, drug theft, child abuse, etc.

Dishonesty in your previous employment, positive drug test, licensure problem, fake educational certificate, etc., can also cause rejection.

Earnings of Certified Nursing Assistant

Having highlighted the major CNA background check requirements, it’s time to hear about their salary.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average wage of CNAs is around $30,290 annually. This means you can earn $14.56 per hour.

However, certain factors may affect the salary of these professionals. Among them are geographical setting, type of organization you work with, level of experience, and more.

CNA can be an exciting and rewarding career for anyone interested in becoming a healthcare provider. As you can see above, these experts care for patients in critical conditions until recovery.

But before being hired by a company, you must complete the abovementioned essentials.

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