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On-Campus And Online CNA to RN programs

As nursing is one of the professional courses that one may pursue, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) can be seen as nurses who were not intentional about becoming a nurse, so they wish to be assistants to nurses with higher degrees.

Meanwhile, as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who has an interest in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN), you can enroll in online CNA to RN programs even while you’re still working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in your workplace.

Many nurses are under the CNA nursing level because of some challenges. They don’t have enough finances to further their education or are probably unsure if they will continue nursing.

This can hinder them from obtaining their Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

CNA to LPN Bridge Programs Near Me

Certified nursing assistant who is very close to RNs or LPV/LVN tends to have some knowledge in the nursing field not just because they work directly under the registered nurses but because they do other menial tasks such as documenting intake and output, taking care of patients hygiene, elementary wound care, etc.

In the world today, nurses are in high demand, and every nurse’s salary lies in their certification. You can enroll in online CNA to RN programs as a certified nursing assistant.

This is to increase your knowledge alone and your salary as a nurse.

In this guide, you will learn what CNA is about, the requirements for obtaining an RN as a certified nurse, the cost of this program, what you will benefit from as a registered nurse, etc.

Who is a CNA?

CNA, which stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, is a nurse that assists LPNs, LVNs, and RNs in taking care of patient’s health in the clinic.

To be categorized as a certified nurse, you must complete a certification course that will probably take six months to one year.

One of the jobs of CNAs is to regularly visit patients and assist them in their bed space or room.

The CNA’s job is to bring a suitable meal for the patients and ensure their well-being by helping them eat and drink.

Also, CNAs assist patients who cannot take their baths and other hygienic activities such as laundry.

The Core Benefits of CNA to RN Programs

As a certified nursing assistant who wishes to further your nursing field education, become a registered nurse.

This is not just on salary increment alone; you’re worth in society and the level of experience and knowledge you’ll have in nursing.

  • How Can a CNA Become an LPN?

One of the benefits you’ll have as a certified nurse assistant who is enrolling for RN (Registered Nurse) is that you don’t need to repeat all those courses that are required for others who have no knowledge in the nursing field but intend to obtain a degree as a registered nurse.

Depending on the institution and the degree you’re applying for, the RN program can take as high as two (2) to four (4) years.

Moreover, CNAs can obtain their RN within six (6) months, depending on the institution. This is because there are several CNA courses that they can quickly transfer to the RN program.

Since certified nursing assistants have acquired some knowledge in the nursing field, they can easily flow into the courses involved in the online CNA to RN programs.

Hereunder, nurses who have not worked as certified nursing assistants may find it difficult to corporate during the beginning of this CNA to RN program.

We recommend enrolling in the RN program from CNA as this will help you finish on time and have an in-depth understanding of the program.

How To Go From CNA to RN

As a certified nurse assistant, there are several ways you can enroll in RNs program.

For instance, you can obtain an ADN or BSN degree before enrolling in CNA to RN program. Also, some institutions can permit you to combine courses that will serve as ADN or BSN degrees.

We noticed from research that certified nurse assistants who enrolled in their RN program with their ADN could obtain the RN program degree within two to three years.

Meanwhile, as the world is entirely digital, the certified nursing assistant can opt for online CNA to RN programs, as this reduces the program’s duration.

Depending on the institution, it can take up to four years for certified nursing assistants who wish to enroll in an RN program with their BSN degree. This is because there are other courses, such as microbiology, sociology, pharmacology, chemistry, etc., that students must take.

  • Advantages of Upgrading from CNA to RN

Although being a certified nursing assistant is quite okay, upgrading to a registered nurse has many benefits, which we will discuss below.

  1. You will surely earn more money.

In the nursing field alone and other careers, it is evident that the higher your level in your area, the higher your salary.

So many nurses seek an RN degree to earn a high monthly salary even when they are not doing much tedious work.

The salary difference between CNAs and RN is quite huge. Because of this, certified nursing assistants tend to seek it regardless of the RN degree’s cost.

Not just the salary alone, but other incentives are given to Register Nurses (RNs).

  1. A lot of jobs await you.

Unlike other professions, nursing is quite lucrative, usually in high demand in almost all nations.

Despite this, you can work which upgrading your knowledge in the nursing field. Nurses who obtain their RN degrees are not likely to start looking for a job, as a society will create good jobs for them.

Statistics recorded that there is massive job growth for nurses. This is possible because the world population is increasing rapidly, and thousands need health care daily.

Meanwhile, as a nurse with an RN degree, there is no way you will be searching for a job.

  1. You will have freedom.

Since registered nurses (RN) are among the highest ranks in the nursing field, so they are not under any nurse. On this ground, they can work as supervisors to other nurses with lower educational qualifications.

Most of their jobs are centered on supervision; since they have other junior nurses who can care for patients and do other related tasks.

Requirements for Online CNA to RN Programs

Since both CNAs and RN are programs in the nursing field, CNAs are nurses who have gotten some training in the nursing field. Those migrating from CNA to RN will surely omit some courses in the program.

Furthermore, certified nurses must be eligible for this program before applying. However, the requirements vary from institution to institution.

Below are some general requirements that certified nursing assistants need to have before enrolling in Registered Nursing (RN) program:

  • Students are mandated to have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age; to prove that they can make their own decisions.
  • They must have a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate
  • Applicants need to have a high school diploma (even if it’s not in the nursing field)
  • CNAs need to have good and excellent communication skills.

The Coursework For CNA to RN Programs

The goal of upgrading your knowledge to being a registered nurse is not just because of the degree alone but to have more insight into the field and earn more.

Some courses that applicants will focus on are human anatomy, applied math, medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology, ethics, complex concepts of adult health, maternal/newborn health, dosage calculations, women’s health, microbiology, etc.

Beyond these courses, other practical training certified nurses enrolling for RN must undertake; some are working directly with actual patients, etc.

Nurses enrolling for RN are also taught some aspects such as critical thinking, improved communication, advanced supervision skills, etc.

Moreover, as a professional course, nursing demands that you also learn some essential techniques such as mathematics, English, etc.

CNA to RN Program Length

As RN is a high degree in nursing, it often takes a couple of years for applicants to obtain this degree, although this duration depends on the institution you enrolled for.

Despite the institution that offers CNA to RN degrees, the duration of this program also relies on the existing degree that the applicant has.

Certified nurses can obtain their RN degrees within the space of two years.

This is because they have taken most of the courses in their coursework. Moreover, obtaining an RN can take applicants with bachelor’s degrees for up to four years.

To shorten the duration of obtaining an RN degree, nurses can enroll in the online CNA to RN program, and it can take between 12 months to 18 months to complete this online program.

Furthermore, nurses can work while taking these online courses designed for working-class nurses.

Cost of CNA to RN programs

Seeking to obtain an RN degree is quite encouraging, but there are specific challenges that nurses who wish to acquire an RN degree usually face.

For instance, obtaining this RN degree is relatively high, and many individuals who desire to further their studies in the nursing field cannot afford the cost.

Our research found that the cost of obtaining an RN degree ranges from $3,000 to $12,000 annually; this varies by institution. Meanwhile, many certified nurses wish to gain this degree, but unfortunately, they can’t afford it because of the cost.

In this situation, an education loan is recommended as RNs are sure they will be employed upon obtaining their RN degree.

Moreover, a lot of institutions offer grants and scholarships to their students. You can shop for institutions that provide grants and scholarships in their online CNA to RN programs.

Hereunder, many schools offer grants and scholarships to nurses in California.

Since you can study CNA to RN programs online, you can obtain this RN degree from your working place. This e-learning is very flexible and feasible for all applicants.

One of the fantastic features of enrolling in online CNA to RN programs is that you can study it as a part-time student. This will not just reduce costs for you alone, but it will give you the freedom to work while looking.

Meanwhile, we noticed that public institutions charge less in their annual tuition fee than private universities.

You can save costs by enrolling online CNA to RN programs at public universities.

Top Schools for Online CNA to RN Programs

Below are the schools where nurses can enroll in online CNA to RN programs:

  • Herzing University

Herzing University is one of the leading schools that offer online CNA to RN programs. Moreover, they also provide BSN programs that will lead a nurse to obtain an RN degree.

Hereunder, applicants can earn their RN program degree faster through the BSN program. Their tuition fee is $14,200, and they have an NCLEX pass rate of 88.00%.

  • Drexel University

Drexel University is a highly-rated university that offers online CNA to RN programs.

This school is a comprehensive global research university. It was founded in 1891, and they are well-known for its teaching strategy, practical learning, and leadership.

They also provide a BSN program to intensively train Bachelor of Science in nursing. Their tuition fee is $56,238, and they have an NCLEX pass rate of 97.54%.

  • Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University has existed since 1887, rooted in leadership, practicals, etc. Their BSN programs are designed to train nurses in an advanced way to care for patients.

You will spend only a few years enrolling in online CNA to RN programs at Gonzaga University. Their tuition fee is $46,920, and they have an NCLEX pass rate of 89.33%.

  • University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh was founded in 1787, and currently, they have produced over 250,000 graduates in the area of nursing. Their online CNA to RN programs is designed to help working-class nurses obtain a higher degree in their career.

Moreover, they also provide BSN programs that prepare nurses to become professionals in their field. Their tuition fee is $19,679 for local students and $33,706 for domestic students, and they have an NCLEX pass rate of 96.53%.

  • Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a highly rated university that allows nurses from over 40 countries to apply for online CNA to RN programs, part-time or full-time study.

They have over 8,000 nurses studying in different areas of the nursing field.

Meanwhile, nurses can as well enroll in BSN program at this university.

They have experienced, skilled, and highly knowledgeable trainers who ensure that every student acquires the necessary knowledge in their career.

Their tuition fee is $41,435, and they have an NCLEX pass rate of 89.40%.

How to Become an LPN from a CNA [Apply]

As a certified nurse who is intentional about obtaining an RN degree, there are specific steps that you should follow to ensure your success in your plans.

Below are the steps you can adhere to while applying for the online CNA to RN program:

1. Find out your schedule and your financial stability

You should be aware that failure to plan means that you are planning to fail.

Since nursing is a professional course and knowledge nurses are in high demand, we recommend that you schedule your activities and financial stability before applying for the CNA to RN program.

When scheduling your activities, you must consider a good school where you can obtain your RN degree as a certified nurse.

You have to consider applying as a part-time student or a full-time student. This will help you to be working while studying for your RN degree program.

Also, applicants should consider institutions that has affordable annual tuition fee. For instance, public institutions tend to have cheaper tuition fees when compared to private institutions.

2. Search for CNA to RN program that suits your need

Some institutions offer online CNA to RN programs where you can enroll from the comfort of your workplace.

Searching for schools that offer CNA to RN programs that suit your need will help you find schools with affordable tuition fees, program length, and the courses you will study upon admission.

Hereunder, it will help you compare different institutions and discover grants, loans, and scholarships available for certified nurses who wish to further their education in the nursing field.

3. Compile confidential resume and cover letter

The fact that one can obtain an RN program degree online demands that you have updated resume and cover letter documents.

Nurses with good resumes are being considered as people that are suitable for this program.

Meanwhile, the institution is looking for nurses who are already doing well in their field but must acquire more knowledge and earn more salaries.

Your resume is simply a document showcasing your previous experience in the field, educational qualifications, etc. At the same time, your cover letter should highlight the address of the institutions you have attended. While applying for the RN program, detail why you need the degree.

Even when you apply online, this will hasten your admission process.

4. Include a transcript from your previous institutions

A lot of institutions demand transcripts from your earlier educational background.

This will help them to evaluate the applicant fully. If you wish to apply for online CNA to RN programs, you can upload your transcript, resume, and cover letter.

5. Add your CNA certification

Providing your work experience in the nursing field as a certified nurse will prove that you are qualified for an RN degree. For instance, if your CNA certification shows that you have more than five years of experience, automatically, you demand a higher salary as a nurse.

Furthermore, your CNA certification will decrease the years you will stay before obtaining your RN degree. Most schools allow certified nurses to get their RN degrees within two years.

6. Attach some recommendations as well as references

Over time we noticed that many institutions usually request recommendation letters from their students. Including a recommendation from your supervisors, probably from your previous degree, is quite a plus.

As a certified nurse, if the supervisor in your workplace recommends you, your application is highly likely to be accepted without many queries.


Most schools that offer nursing degrees also allow certified nurses to enroll in Online CNA to RN programs for part-time and full-time students.

This article discussed the coursework, requirements, cost, and benefits of obtaining an RN program degree as a certified nurse.

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