Linfield Accelerated BSN Program: Accreditation, Prerequisites, Tuition & Pass Rate

Linfield University manages the Linfield Accelerated BSN program.

The institution is an independent, non-profit institution located in Portland, Oregon. It took on its current name in July 2020. Since 1892, the School of Nursing offered a diploma program before switching to BSN programs in 1982.

The institution offers programs in two different physical locations; the McMinnville campus and the Portland campus.

The McMinnville Campus houses the institution’s College of Arts & Sciences and its School of Business in a beautiful 189-acre environment.

On the other hand, the Portland campus holds just 11 buildings and learning facilities on a 20-acre land.

It is, however, our concern as it houses the prestigious Linfield University School of Nursing, from where the accelerated BSN program is offered.

Linfield ABSN Accreditation

The Commission accredits the baccalaureate degree program at Linfield University on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


The accelerated BSN program at Linfield University is a competitive 12-month program.

Some of the Linfield Accelerated BSN Courses

  • Professional Communication (NURS 315):

This course prepares students for positive work relationships through evidence-based communication.

  • Integrated Experiential Learning (NURS 335/NURS 375):

Students are exposed to making sound reasoning and good judgments in this course while dealing with patients.

  • Transitions in Health and Illness (NURS 425):

The health and illness course transitions prepare students to manage patients and their families when they move from being majorly ill to being healthy and vice versa.

Pre-requisite Attainments for Linfield Accelerated BSN

Prospective students of the institution’s accelerated BSN program must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all the pre-requisite courses offered, including science courses like biology or chemistry, microbiology
  • A letter grade of “C” and above in all courses
  • A minimum GPA of 2.7 in the pre-requisite anatomy and physiology courses offered. In the case of repeated courses, only two grades will be used.
  • A minimum of 11 semester or 16 quarter credits in the lab science courses listed above.

Pre-requisite Courses

Linfield University requires students to complete the following pre-requisite courses before applying to the accelerated BSN program.

  • WR121 and WR122 or any equivalent college writing (at least three semesters or six quarter credits)
  • A complete biology sequence, including cell biology and a lab component. Alternatively, students can offer a whole chemistry series with a lab component.
  • A complete sequence of anatomy and physiology with a lab component.
  • Microbiology with a lab component.
  • Lifespan developmental psychology or human development. It is compulsory for the student also to offer conception to death studies.
  • Statistics
  • Human nutrition

As an added requirement, students must offer human nutrition, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology courses not more than seven years before their application.

Tuition and Related Fees

Linfield University charges several fees in addition to tuition.

This fee applies to between 12 and 18 credit hours. The total cost of attendance depends on whether a student begins the Linfield accelerated ABSN program in the fall or spring.

Generally, tuition for the program costs $22,670.

Students will also pay for a simulation lab, student body, health center, and nursing $828. Again, the institution charges malpractice insurance and a technology fee of $40 and 112, respectively.

Course and testing fee for the Linfield University ABSN program costs $325 for the first two semesters and $380 for the last two. Furthermore, a living allowance charge of $6,600 and transportation and books/supplies grant of $1,000 each.

If you are still willing to undertake the nursing program at this institution, read further.

There is a uniform fee of $709, a loan fee of $70, and you would even have to pay a personal expenses fee of $900.

Linfield Accelerated BSN Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Linfield University scholarship webpage mentions that the institution provides financial aid to almost every student it admits. According to the source, this number is about 90% of the total student population.

The good news about this opportunity is that it is open to old, transfer, and first-year full-time students.

Linfield Merit Award:

The distribution of the Linfield Merit Award follows the fulfillment of a lot of criteria. To begin, recipients must list Linfield University as their first-choice institution.

Next, they must be finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Corporation Program. Finally, they must meet the National Merit, which makes them eligible for college sponsorship.

After meeting all three criteria, a student becomes eligible for the Linfield Merit Awards. Depending on their need, this award gives them either a half or a full-tuition cover.

To continue receiving the award, students must attain a cumulative GPA of 3.35. They must also register for a full-time program and apply for scholarship renewal on time.

Linfield Scholarships

To earn the Linfield Scholarship, newly admitted first-year students must perform well, register in a full-time program, and offer 12 credits every semester.

The scholarship initially depends on consideration of the admission information that students submit to the institution. Afterward, their academic grades and the strength of their schedule determine their continued eligibility.

Linfield Academic Competitive Scholarships:

The Linfield Academic Competitive Scholarship is invite-only.

Departments on the McMinnville campus of the university sponsor it. Also, only first-year students can receive the scholarship, ranging from $12,000 to $20,000.

The reward money is distributed equally across eight semesters of the recipient’s program.

The Linfield First Scholarship:

The Linfield First Scholarship targets first-generation Linfield accelerated BSN students.

In the institution’s terms, this refers to students who have single parents who did not complete a bachelor’s degree or both parents who also did not complete a bachelor’s degree.

Considerations for the scholarship begin with a student’s admission application into a full-time program. It is, after that, renewed based on satisfactory academic performance.

Music Scholarships:

Linfield University has a strong affinity for music which its Department of Music further promotes.

The music scholarship offers recipients an annual amount of $5,000 or $6,000. However, this award is only if they show continued participation in music performance or major or minor in music.

To be considered for the scholarship, Linfield accelerated BSN students must first participate in the February 15 audition program that holds every year.

Average or One-time NCLEX Pass Rate for the Linfield Accelerated BSN Program

The 3-year average NCLEX pass rate for the institution’s School of Nursing is a solid 92%. According to RN Careers, this passing rating ranks third in Oregon.


ABSN at Linfield offers a sound academic background to students. Beyond this, it looks into developing them for a lifetime of being caring, detail-oriented, and well-skilled.

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