Are there any scholarships for nursing students? Yes. Here are some financial aid programs that assist you with paying for nursing school.

Nursing Students’ Financial Assistance

Nursing programs come with many costs, especially when taking physical classroom sessions.

The alternative – online coursework – makes studying in healthcare programs less burdensome since students would not need to cover transportation costs until they begin their clinical practice.

However, despite the study options, prospective and current nursing students often must make critical financial considerations.

This is because the combined tuition and related costs of nursing programs have still become huge.

An excellent way to significantly reduce this cost is by utilizing the financial options available to students.

This often varies from one institution to another, and the availability of a particular option may depend on factors such as a student’s nationality or some pre- or post-admission performances.

Nursing Scholarships and Bursaries:

Scholarships [hyperlink article on ABSN scholarships] and bursaries are a form of financial assistance available to nursing students. They are also the most popular way of earning leverage on expenditures for an academic program.

A scholarship is awarded to students based on their performance in a stipulated field, for example, academics or sports.

On the other hand, a bursary is a financial assistance offered to students on a needs assessment basis.

This means that students must attain a specific benchmark to receive a scholarship, while they do need to work towards obtaining a bursary.

Study and Earn Programs:

Study and earn programs aim to assist students in meeting their research and financial needs.

They work by offering students admission to study part-time and then giving them a chance to work to support their academic pursuits.

In some instances, institutions that support study and earn programs directly employ their students or liaise with third parties who do.

Alternatively, students are allowed to search for job opportunities by themselves.

Nursing Student Loans:

Students are strongly advised to take loans only as a last resort to receiving financial assistance.

It is also recommended that they scrutinize the details of every loan agreement.

This ensures they do not fall victim to dubious lenders and do not get into trouble by having outstanding debts.

Students can also seek help, as some nursing institutions offer advice from reputable loan agencies.

Notwithstanding, however, student loans offer very little interest and are tailored to meet the financial capacity of recipients.

Scholarship For Nursing Students

In ten years, the number of students enrolled in college dropped by 8%.

This amounts to over 21 million students. The three culprits responsible for this are college application fees, tuition, and student loan debt.

College is becoming more expensive than ever, and a degree in medical and allied medical professions like nursing is topping the charts.

While students are eligible to get a loan and fund their studies, many struggles to pay back this loan long after leaving college.

Financial aids like scholarships make it possible for students to pursue a degree without worrying about paying back huge debts in student loans.

Here is a list of scholarships available for nursing students:

CNA Scholarships

LPN Scholarships

RN To BSN Scholarships

ABSN Scholarships

MSN Scholarships

DNP Scholarships


Why May You Need a Nursing Scholarship?

On average, nursing is expensive, and the higher the degree you’re pursuing, the more money you have to pay in tuition and fees.

In addition, nursing students often need specific clinical instruments and uniforms, which adds to their list of expenses. So, except you are among the privileged few, you could run into money troubles.

Thinking of how to pay back your college loans or where to find funding for your program could be very distracting. Many nursing students drop out of college or skip it altogether to avoid this dilemma.

But this doesn’t have to be so. If you find yourself in this position, consider applying for a scholarship.

Don’t let this scare you.

Getting a nursing scholarship is easier than you think due to the shortage of nurses. Keep reading to find out how you can qualify for a nursing scholarship.

  • Coverage and Eligibility

As a nursing student, there are many scholarships you can apply for. Most of these scholarships come in the form of financial aid and cover all categories of nursing.

These include the licensed nursing programs of the Certified Nurse’s Aide and the Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). Scholarships for Degree and Advanced degree nursing students are equally available.

The criteria for eligibility are diverse and inclusive as well.

Whereas some of the scholarships do not target specific demography, there are some which do. An example is the minority nursing student scholarship for minority racial/ethnic groups like black nursing students.

Scholars are designed for a specific gender or age group, like women and adult nursing students.

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Nursing Scholarship

Getting a nursing scholarship might seem daunting initially, especially with the many applicants yearly. But don’t be too quick to write off your chances.

Even with an average academic performance, you can still improve your chances of qualifying for one. Here are a few ways to do this;

  • Join a relevant organization.

Membership in a relevant nursing organization like the American Nurses Association will give you an advantage when applying for a scholarship.

It is also an excellent way to connect and gain experience and knowledge relevant to your field. Some organizations, like the American Red Cross, provide scholarships for nursing students.

The United Planets and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) are also worth considering.

  • Enroll in a Nursing program.

This may seem obvious, but consider doing so if you haven’t enrolled in a program. The reason is that many nursing scholarships require you to be enrolled in the program before your application.

Your academic performance interests these scholarships and goes a long way to determining eligibility. Most scholarship boards that place this demand pay on the high side as an added benefit.

This makes it worth your while.

  • Go for minority scholarships.

Nursing scholarships are different types, and this diversity can work in your favor. Minority nursing student scholarships are awarded to nursing students of a minority race or ethnicity.

There are often based on merit and provide an excellent opportunity for minority nursing students (usually few) to pursue a nursing career.

  • Sharpen your essay writing skill.

Perfecting your essay writing skills will come in handy when applying for scholarships. Although not all scholarships require an essay, a handful of them do.

Learning how to write a good essay will increase your chances of getting a scholarship. This is because you will have more scholarships to apply for confidently.

Here are some scholarships you should consider applying for as a nursing student.

Scholarships for Undergraduate/Graduate Nursing Students

We will discuss nursing scholarship funding for undergraduate and graduate students in a nursing program.

These include vocational nursing students (LVN and LPN), Diploma and Registered nursing students. Some of these scholarships partner with specific colleges.

Therefore, you must be enrolled in these colleges before you are eligible to apply. Also, prior academic records may be vital, especially for those seeking graduate scholarships.

A Nurse, I AM

The scholarship provides funding for ten nursing students enrolled in an accredited program.

The value of the scholarship is $3000 per year, sponsored by Cherokee Uniforms, a medical apparel brand. Application is ongoing for the 2022 academic year, and you must be a nursing major to be eligible.

AfterCollege – AACN Scholarship Fund

This quarterly scholarship supports nursing students pursuing a degree in an accredited AACN institution.

The scholarship is valued at $2,500 and offers special privileges to graduate, accelerated, and RN – BSN or MSN students.

American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Scholarship

To be eligible for the American Red Cross nursing scholarship, you must be a member of the red cross or have provided volunteer services within five years of your application.

You will also be required to write two essays; the first is about your experience with the red cross.

In the second essay, you will have to discuss your nursing plans. $3000 is given to a limited number of applicants for tuition, books, and academic fees.

Foundation of National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) Scholarships

The FNSNA offers a scholarship program for nursing students enrolled in an undergraduate program.

The foundation offers two types of scholarships; the General Scholarship Program and the Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program.

The General scholarship program aims to boost student enrollment in underrepresented nursing fields with $10,000 in funding. Applicants must be enrolled in one of these fields to be eligible for the scholarship.

The Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program is a campaign in affiliation with Johnson and Johnson to encourage students to pursue a career in nursing. The scholarship is worth $7,500 per academic year.

One criterion for application is that the candidate must be enrolled in an accredited university.

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship covers tuition, fees, monthly stipend, and educational materials like books, uniforms, and supplies. Eligible students must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited institution.

The scholarship also requires a service commitment of 1 year and above in a critical shortage facility.

Nurse Education Fund Scholarship

This scholarship program is open to nursing students pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Nursing.

The candidate should be a registered nurse and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.6 to qualify for the scholarship. Master and Doctoral nursing students must have completed at least 12 graded units of the program.

Whereas Accelerated Doctoral nursing students must complete 45 graded credit units at the time of application. Membership in a National Professional Nursing Association or an international honor society is compulsory.

Top 3 Scholarships for Minority Nursing Students

Minority nursing students are those who identify with any of the racial or ethnic minority groups in the nursing profession. About 24.7% of registered nurses in the US identify with a minority race.

These include black or African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, and American Indians. The minority nursing student scholarships provide funding for minority students who wish to pursue a career in Nursing.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

As the name suggests, the HSF is a scholarship for Latino students. The amount the program will give to the student varies based on the needs of each student and the funds available.

However, it lies anywhere between $500 – $5000. The scholarship is awarded based on merits. College and graduate students must have a minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 GPA to qualify for the scholarship.

NSCDA American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program

The scholarship is not only accessible to American Indian nursing students alone. American Indian students pursuing careers in health care and education programs are also eligible.

The scholarship awards the sum of $1,500 to each scholar per semester. To remain eligible, the scholarship recipient must maintain an excellent academic standing every semester.

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) Scholarship Program

The NBNA provides many scholarships to black student nurses every year.

The scholarship range is between $1,000 to $15,000. The applicant must be a member of the NBNA, currently enrolled in a nursing program, and of good academic standing.

The association presents the scholarship to eligible black nurses during its Annual Institute and Conference.


Nurses are one of the most sought-after professionals.

However, becoming a nurse takes more than passion but funding as well. Our carefully curated list of nursing scholarships should be helpful to anyone interested in the profession.

His list is not exhaustive, as new scholarships are available every year. We have equally provided tips on improving your chances of getting a scholarship. So, what are you waiting for?

Follow the links above to start applying. We wish you all the best.