Oak Point University ABSN Program

Oak Point University ABSN program started with the institution’s establishment in 1914. Back then, the institution was called the West Suburban College of Nursing.

Oak Point University Accelerated Nursing Program

The university campus covers 37,700 square feet.

It holds 44 offices, ten classrooms, and an advanced Interprofessional Simulation Learning Center of 6,200 square feet. The campus arrangement at Oak Point University is certified by Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

The average student age is 30. There were 1,164 students in the fall of 2019 and about 5,975 alumni.

Also, the institution boasts of facilities with advanced tech and a 3G simulation man that sweats and facilities.


Oak Point University, and its various programs, all meet accreditation standards. The Higher Learning Commission accredits the institution.

On the other hand, its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program meets the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation expectations.

Duration of the Program

The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Oak Point University can last from about 16 months and beyond. It all depends on whether the student has completed their prerequisite coursework.

The program offers full-time coursework spread across five semesters. Each one of these semesters holds between 12 and 14 credit units.

Prerequisite Requirements

Aside from the compulsory courses, there are several other prerequisite requirements for the Oak Point University Accelerated BSN program. These include specific grade point average (GPA) limits.

Students are required to score a minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA on a scale of 4.0 for general courses.

This grade is required for general and science courses, especially Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Chemistry, and Microbiology.

Furthermore, Oak Point University requires students to take the ATI-Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam. They should reach a reading sub-score of at least 58.7% and a total score of 68%.

However, students who earn the total score but not the reading sub-score will still be admitted with plans to improve their reading.

Prerequisite Courses

Students who undertake the ABSN program at Oak Point University require general education and pre-nursing courses.

  • English/Communication (9 semester hours)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 semester hours)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (9 semester hours)
  • College Math/Statistics (3 semester hours)
  • Physical and Life Sciences (7 semester hours)
  • General Electives (2 semester hours)
  • General Chemistry (with lab component) (4 semester hours)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab component) (4 semester hours)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab component) (4 semester hours)
  • Microbiology (with lab component) (4 semester hours)
  • Statistics (3 semester hours)
  • Lifespan Development (3 semester hours)

It is important to note that completing all college math and science prerequisite courses is not more than seven years from application.

Application Requirements

The application process for admission into Oak Point University is in four stages:

  • submit an online application,
  • pay the necessary fees for your desired program,
  • submit your ATI-TEAS score,
  • finally, submit official transcripts from previous academic institutions.

The institution processes all of this and then makes candidate selections using a rigorous process. Once selected, students will have to:

  • Pay their enrollment fee
  • Assist the institution in performing a criminal background check
  • Assist the institution in performing a drug screening test
  • Submit proof that they have completed their health documentation.
  • Complete their mandatory clinical documentation.

Oak Point University Accelerated BSN Program Courses

As mentioned earlier, Oak Point University accelerated BSN program has a 5-semester plan.

  • Semester 1:

NUR3020: Pathophysiology for nursing care

NUR3025: Health Assessment for Nursing Care (with lab component)

NUR3030: Foundations of Nursing Care (with clinical and lab features)

  • Semester 2:

NUR3035: Pharmacology for nursing care

NUR3040: Nursing care for adults across the lifespan (with clinical component)

NUR3045: Nutrition for nursing care

  • Semester 3:

NUR4020: Nursing care of mental health patients (with clinical component)

NUR3050: Ethics for Nursing Care

NUR4025: Nursing care of mental health patients (with clinical component)

  • Semester 4:

NUR3055: Evidence-based practice for nursing care

NUR4055: Nursing care of children and families (with clinical component)

NUR4015: Nursing care of communities and populations (with clinical component)

Optional elective course

  • Semester 5:

NUR4060: Senior seminar: license preparation

NUR4050: Nursing care for critically ill patients (with clinical component)

NUR4505: Professional nursing leadership and Management

NUR4510: Transition to professional nursing practice (with clinical component)

Tuition and Fees

Oak Point University charges varying tuition and fee amounts for each program. Students have the option of making whole or installment payments.

For its accelerated BSN program, students can pay part-time tuition and related fees of $942 per credit hour and between $140 and $290 for associated costs.

Alternatively, they can make a flat, full-time payment of $13,890 and related fees of $290.

The institution also charges a non-refundable application fee of $50.

Again, it charges an enrollment fee of $150 for new students, a nursing resource fee of $1,400 for the first semester, and $350 for NUR4642 Professional Role Transition.

Lastly, you must pay a graduation fee of $100 to complete your program.

Oak Point University does not charge fees to students offering non-degree programs.

Available Financial Aids for the Oak Point University ABSN Program


Oak Point Need Award:

This award varies from $100 to $750 per semester. It is given to eligible students based on their FAFSA filing.

Federal Pell Grant:

The Federal Pell Grant is distributed according to the total credit hours a student enrolls. By this, recipients who will not take up to 12 credit hours will have their award amount adjusted.


Federal William D. Ford Direct Loan:

This loan program allows eligible students or parents to receive money from the US Department of Education.

Student Employment:

Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP):

The FWSP is a need-based program that permits students to work while undertaking academic activities. It seeks to provide a source of income for their educational expenses.


President Scholarship:

Oak Point University sponsors the President Scholarship program. It covers new and returning students in the BSN, HIM, and BSIT programs.

New Bachelor of Science in Nursing students must earn a CGPA of 3.75 in science and general courses to be eligible for the scholarship. They must also score 80% or more in the TEAS examination.

A CGPA of at least 3.75 at the beginning of a semester for returning BSN students makes them eligible for the scholarship.


Oak Point University portrays a high standard and organization in how the university is built and its programs are structured.

The university, therefore, sets an outstanding example of a world-class ABSN program.

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