Top 20 Online Associate Degree In Nursing Programs (ADN / RN)

Are you a working class and have always wanted to get an associate degree in nursing online?

Are you too busy to attend classes? Cheer up. There is good news! You can now obtain your Associate Degree in Nursing through an online program.

2-Year RN Programs Online

The online ADN nursing program is one of a kind that gives people passionate about nursing the chance to become licensed nurses.

ADN programs are unique; whether you attend the physical class or run the online program, you still get to do the same coursework.

Are there any online ADN programs, and are they regulated? Yes.

Online Associate RN Programs

The online ADN program is broad and will prepare you for various career opportunities in healthcare.

You will need to study for two years, after which you will write the licensure examinations, and when you pass, you will become a licensed nurse.

  • Can I get my associate’s degree in nursing online?

The online ADN program is the fastest way to become a registered nurse, and thanks to digitalization, you can now run your program online.

The online ADN program is one of the innovations of the pandemic because it isn’t safe to be out there often!

Hence, if you are trying to stay safe or are too busy to attend physical classes, the online ADN program is for you. But the problem is, how do you choose a suitable program and the requirements?

Also, there are many online RN to BSN programs that you can take after becoming an RN.

Can You Become an RN Online?

Choosing an online ADN program can be very challenging because there are a lot of programs on the internet.

Most of these programs promise quality education, but in the end, you get nothing.

Hence, you need to be very careful when choosing your online program and select the kind that will give you nothing but the best education to secure job placement after your program.

  • How to Choose an Online ADN Program

You must ensure the program you have chosen has been accredited by either the Commission on collegiate nursing education (CCNE Board) or the accreditation commission for Education in Nursing.

This should be one of the first things you should consider while choosing your online ADN programs.

You also need to consider the tuition fee for the program and work with your budget because it is inevitable that you will find a program that is within your budget.

Another thing you need to consider and check when choosing your online ADN program is how well students of the said program and school pass.

The pass rate should be a determining factor because you will need to pass your NCLEX licensure exams to obtain your license as a registered nurse so you can start practicing immediately.

You don’t need to take this for granted because the pass level is as crucial as the program.

Another factor you should consider is how far the school you are running your program is from your home.

Don’t be surprised because even though you are running an online ADN program, students will need you to visit the lab for practicals when required, and you wouldn’t want to start traveling a far distance.

Another factor you need to consider is the fees. How much is your budget, and how much is the online ADN program in your preferred school?

You should ask these questions before applying for your online ADN program.

Online ADN Requirements and Prerequisites

There are different requirements for the various online ADN programs, so you need to be sure of your chosen program’s requirements before proceeding.

However, it is a must that you have a minimum GPA.

As a student, before you can qualify for online ADN program admission, you need to have at least a 2.5 GPA or 3.0. Don’t forget that there will also be other requirements depending on your school and program.

While considering this as the general requirement, you must also check through your preferred school and program for other conditions.

Also, other prerequisites may include SAT exams and TEAS, which test your essential academic skills.

This exam will test your abilities in subjects like science, Mathematics, English, language use, and reading ability.

It would help if you weren’t surprised because this is a standard test for students who have decided to pursue a career in any health-related field.

As an applicant, you are also expected to submit a personal statement, an essay, and a letter of recommendation when applying for your desired program.

Online Associate Nursing Programs: Curriculum

Whoever told you that you might not do much because you are running an online program has deceived you.

Remember that any nursing program isn’t something you joke with, especially if you want to become a registered nurse and start your career fully after your ADN program.

The ADN program and other nursing programs cover an extensive range of topics you need to take seriously and give your time and energy. Some of these topics may include but are not limited to biology, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and anatomy.

You will also be expected to visit the lab when necessary and attend clinicals in person during your online ADN program, an essential aspect of the online ADN curriculum.

While reviewing your online ADN program curriculum, you should note that there will be other classes like medical-surgical nursing, nursing skills, pediatric and obstetric, and emergency care.

In most cases, the classes will be carried out through lectures, while some other types will be instructions to guide and prepare you for your NCLEX exams and prepare you for your career ahead as a registered nurse.

How Long Does An Online ADN Program Take?

Most people like to wonder how long the online ADN program will take but rest assured that the length of the online ADN program is two years.

For some programs, it might be 18 months. It extends to 2years to allow you to complete the required classes and clinical hours.

After your classes, you will have to pass the NCLEX to get your license, so instead of focusing on how long it will take, you should focus on passing your NCLEX.

After the online ADN program, what can you do?

Are you one of those already wondering what you can do with your associate degree in nursing?

Then it would be best if you had in mind that the first job you are likely to get in the healthcare sector is an internship which gives you a chance to work in a specific area.

There are various working environments, including the operating room, neonatal ICU, outpatient clinic, emergency room, intensive care unit, or physician’s office.

Wherever you are asked to work, remember that it will allow you to learn more and prepare you for something bigger.

As a registered nurse, your job might also involve hands-on care to working with patients directly give care to patients directly or indirectly in settings like schools, community healthcare centers, or government agencies.

However, as a graduate of the online ADN program, you also qualified for other jobs, which include; radiology nurse, HIV/aids nurse, school nurse, fitness nurse, nutrition nurse, home health nurse, dialysis nurse, plastic surgery nurse, long term care nurse, pediatric home care nurse, and labor or delivery nurse.

Many jobs are lined up for you after your online ADN program, so you have nothing to worry about.

The online ADN program prepares you for the journey ahead and allows you to work as a care coordinator, patient coordinator, or clinical associate.

So all you owe yourself is passing your NCLEX to get your license to become a registered nurse and have fun doing what you love.

How Much Does an Online ADN Degree Cost? (Tuition Fees)

The tuition fee for the online associate degree in the nursing program varies by your chosen school and program.

If you decide to run your program in a public school, you will pay a very affordable fee, but if you run your program in a private school, be ready to pay high tuition.

Nursing, community, and technical schools mainly offer online ADN programs.

Also, some hospitals and four-year degree schools offer online ADN programs. Since several institutions offer the online ADN program, the tuition fees vary.

However, for a public school, the average tuition fee is between $6000 to about $20,000, while for private schools, the tuition is between $30,000 to $100,000.

So while considering the online ADN program, let the tuition fee be one of your considering factors in terms of the institution you intend to run the program.

Note that after paying your tuition fee, there are other fees that you are likely to pay to complete your program.

For instance, you may be asked to pay lab fees which will cover the cost of both supplies and lab equipment that you will use during your program.

Your test fee will be added to your tuition for some programs, while you may be asked to pay the fee separately for some other programs. Since you are running an online program, you may also be charged software fees.

The books you will use during your program will also be paid for.

Nursing programs are intensive and consist of lab work, classroom instructions, and on-site clinical training.

You will have to buy some textbooks, especially for classroom instruction, and in most cases, you will be asked to buy the most recent version.

So while preparing your tuition fees, remember that you will also buy some books, which will also cost you money. You might spend nearly $500 on your books, so you must be prepared.

Furthermore, remember that you will also need some necessary supplies for your program, and the school will not add the fees to your tuition fees. Some of those supplies include uniforms, comfortable shoes, stethoscopes, and other supplies that will be listed for you.

Even as an online student, you will need these supplies because you will visit the lab when required. For your supplies, you can budget about $200 to $300.

If it isn’t rolled into your tuition fees, you also need extra money for your NCLEX exams.

Then you will also need to carry out some health-related screening, and if your health insurance doesn’t cover it, the bike will be on you. You will also have to pay for the background check that the state will carry out on you.

The cost of running an online ADN program may seem on the high side, but the good news is there are several financial aids that you can use to pay your fees for your online ADN program.

So if you are worried about paying your tuition fee, you can apply for federal student aid to know if you are qualified for assistance, and the application is free.

You can also check out other financial aid programs, such as loans, scholarships, and grants. You may be lucky to get a loan amount that will cover your total training cost, but it depends on what you qualify for.

Accepting the nursing program means you must have passed all the requirements.

Once you have completed your online ADN program, you must pass the NCLEX (national council live examination) before applying for your RN license and being given one.

The student will take the exam for about 6 hours, and it is taken on a computer. You will be given about 75 to 265 multiple-choice questions, and based on your answers and how well you did, you will either be given a pass or fail.

There won’t be any percentage or grading, so ensure you come out with a pass.

20+ Best ADN Programs Online

If you want to study in the US, there are several top nursing programs and institutions that you can choose from to walk you down your nursing career path.

Below are just a few of the top programs;

  • University of Illinois, Chicago

The University of Illinois is known to have one of the best nursing colleges, with nursing programs that rank top.

Students worldwide can run any nursing program of their choice and will be taught by well-read and researched professionals who will put you through caring for your potential patients.

They offer one of Chicago’s best online ADN programs, and CCNE accredits their program.

  • University of Pennsylvania

Are you looking for the perfect nursing school to grant you a scholarship?

Then it would help if you began to consider the University of Pennsylvania. You can learn about various nursing programs here, even as an international student, and they have one of the finest nursing schools.

The Pennsylvania nursing school offers various nursing programs like visiting international Ph.D. programs.

As an international nursing student, you must complete a one-year doctoral degree program before going to Pennsylvania to develop your research program.

They also offer an accredited online ADN program, and students who run the program can sit for the NCLEX – RN exams. 

  • The University of Alabama – Capstone College of Nursing

They also offer various nursing programs, both online and in-class. The atmosphere of the campus is academic, cultural, and economic.

They have a large student population, and you can also enroll in your online ADN program here.

Online ADN students will be allowed to participate in the NCLEX – RN exams, and with a pass in the exams, the student will be given the license to become a registered nurse.

  • Columbia University

Columbia University’s School of Nursing is known for its excellence in research and other curricular advancements.

They offer an Online Associate of Degree in Nursing program, making their students eligible to sit for the license exams.

Once you pass, you will be given your license to work as a registered nurse. It would be best to have a GPA of 2.5 and above and pass the TEAS test before being considered for admission.

The school will give the tuition fee to you according to your program.

  • Nightingale University

The Nightingale College is built on compassion, competence, and confidence.

It offers an online associate degree in the nursing program, entirely accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education of Nursing (ACEN).

The program lasts for 20 months, and students will not only receive online classes but also attend clinics and visit the lab when needed.

It has an excellent curriculum that gives students a solid knowledge base, and students have the opportunity to participate in the NCLEX –RN exam.

  • University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas community college at Batesville offers a wide range of online degrees.

They are Registered nursing, practical nursing, Nursing assistant, paramedic, and the online associate degree in the nursing program.

All of their nursing programs have been accredited, and after your degree program, you will be allowed to take the NCLEX exam, ad with a pass, you will be given your registered nursing license.

  • University of Texas

The University of Texas, Arlington, offers nursing students the opportunity to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree while completing their Associate degree in Nursing program.

The CCNE also accredits the University of Texas, and at the end of your program, you can also become a registered nurse after sitting for the NCLEX exams and passing.

Their tuition fee depends on your program and using their UTA tuition guarantee. You can tell how much you will pay as tuition. However, other charges or fees like admission fees and acceptance rates may apply.

  • University of Charleston

The University of Charleston also offers Associate Degree in Nursing, and its program is ranked top in West Virginia.

The program is made available on the Charleston and Beckley campus. Students who wish to complete their online ADN program in Charleston must complete 60-semester credits in various courses, including pharmacology and pathophysiology, medical-surgical nursing, mental health nursing, interprofessional practice, etc.

The program runs for 16 months, and you need a 2.5 GPA and TEAS before being considered for admission.

The tuition fee is $31,400, plus you need to have extra money for other additional costs not included in the tuition fees.

  • Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College offers the Associate Degree in Nursing program, which will prepare students to partake in the NCLEX exams that will make them registered nurses if they pass.

Students will be asked to finish 102 semester credits during the study, and their coursework includes dimensions of nursing practice, the role of professional nursing leadership, etc.

The ACEN accredits the school’s online ADN program (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. The tuition costs about $41,718, aside from other fees you will be asked to pay.

The program may last up to 18 or 20 months.

  • Minnesota West Community and Technical College

The Minnesota West Community and Technical College also offer Online ADN programs.

The school requires that students enrolling for the Online ADN program must already hold the unencumbered licensed practical Nursing licensee before applying for the Online ADN program.

Students must complete 64 semester credits, including skill labs, acute care, patient-centered care, etc. You will be eligible to take the NCLEX – RN exams to become a licensed registered nurse.

The tuition costs $3143.25 per semester.

  • Sampson Community College

The Sampson Community College is located in North Carolina, and it offers one of the best Online ADN programs and is accredited by ACEN.

Students must finish a 67-semester credits course, including anatomy and physiology, holistic health concepts, developmental psychology, etc.

After the program, the students can sit for the NCLEX – RN exams and come out with a pass to become registered nurses.

  • Dickinson State University

The Nursing Department of Dickinson State University also offers the Online ADN program, and to graduate from the program, students are expected to complete 66 semester credit courses.

The tuition fee depends on whether you are a resident or non-resident student, and it falls within the range of $3735 to $4785 per semester. This does not include other fees that you may be asked to pay.

  • Mercy College of Health Sciences

The Mercy College of Health Sciences offers one of the best online ADN programs, accredited by the CCNE and running for six semesters.

Once your program is completed, you will sit for the NCLEX – RN. Once you pass successfully, you will be licensed to work as a registered nurse.

The tuition and extra fees are written out for you, depending on your program. Hence, you are left to do the calculations yourself.

  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

The Northeast Wisconsin Technical College also offers an online ADN program, one of the best in the state. The online ADN program runs for two years, with a high graduation rate.

Students will need to complete 70 semester credit hours. The students of NWTC are also eligible for the NCLEX – RN exams.

  • Montgomery College

Montgomery College is recognized as one of the best schools in Maryland that offers the online ADN program.

The program is available at their silver spring/Takoma Park location, and students must complete 70 semester credit hours before graduating.

ACEN accredits the program, and its tuition fee is about $201 per hour, so you should budget about $14,070 and extra money for other costs not included in the tuition fee.

At the end of the program, you will be eligible to participate in the NCLEX-RN exam, your gateway to becoming a registered nurse.

  • Front Range Community College

The best associate degree in nursing programs at Front Range Community College prepares students to take the nursing licensing exam. To graduate in five semesters, degree candidates must complete 71.5-semester credits.

Psychiatric mental health nursing, human growth and development, pharmacology, math for clinical calculations, and advanced concepts in nursing are just a few of the classes offered by Front Range Community College’s associate nursing degree program.

You can also take the NCLEX – RN exams and become a registered nurse afterward. You will calculate your tuition per hour and pay other fees that the school will not include in the tuition fee.

  • Idaho State University

The University of Idaho offers the Associate Degree of Nursing program, intended for nursing students who already have an LPN license ACEN accreditation has been granted to Idaho State University’s College’s best associate degree in nursing programs.

Students pursuing an associate degree in nursing at Idaho State University must complete 62 semester credits.

Graduates of the best ADN programs find rewarding and well-paying jobs in nursing homes, hospitals, medical clinics, home healthcare facilities, and emergency rooms, among other places.

  • Fortis College

Fortis College offers one of the best ADN programs in the eight states where they are located.

These best ADN programs include classes in biology, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, nursing pharmacology, and emergency care procedures, among other things.

In collaboration with its partner school Denver College of Nursing, Fortis provides ADN program graduates with the opportunity to pursue their RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN).

Fortis College’s Associate degree in nursing program is typically completed within two to three years. After your program, you will take the NCLEX – RN exams, making you a licensed registered nurse if you pass.

  • ATA College

The ATA College is also one of those schools offering the best online ADN programs, which are done from its New York and Sunshine State campuses.

These top online ADN programs provide students with a fast-track, online option they can complete in 19 months.

Students who complete the best online ADN programs at ATA College are prepared to take the national RN licensing NCLEX-RN exam.

Students who complete their studies will be able to find rewarding employment in skilled care centers, home health agencies, surgical clinics, assisted living facilities, and hospitals, to name a few.

Students are given laptop computers to study the program portions available via the school’s distance learning platform.

  • Northwest Technical College

The Northwest Technical College is one of those schools that offers online ADN programs in Minnesota. Their online ADN programs at Northwest Technical College can be completed in about 24 months.

After completing the online associate nursing degree program at NTC, students are eligible to take the national NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

Northwest Technical College’s nursing programs have been accredited by ACEN and require degree candidates to complete 64 credit units.

Physiology, ethics, chemistry, intro to psychology, and microbiology are just a few classes available for this nursing degree.

  • Denver College of Nursing

The Denver College of Nursing offers an online ADN program which happens to be recognized in Colorado as one of the best programs.

The online ADN program lets students take the national licensing exam for registered nurses. DCN’s associate nursing degree program students will finish in 1.5 years or six quarter semesters.

Basic pharmacology, gerontological nursing, pathophysiology, essential nutrition, and differentiated practice are among the courses required for this degree, as is a clinical capstone experience.

Its tuition costs about $16.187 without other fees you will be asked to pay.

  • Modesto Junior College

Modesto Junior College is also one of those schools that offers the ADN program within four semesters, and it is recognized in California as one of the best Nursing programs.

To graduate from Modesto Junior College’s best ADN programs, students must complete 65.5 to 67.5-semester credits.

Students who complete the associate degree in nursing program at Modesto Junior College will have completed approximately 975 hours of clinical and nursing experience.

MJC’s NCLEX-RN pass rates in 2019/2020 were nearly 93 percent.

Pharmacology, geriatric nursing process, anatomy, advanced medical and surgical principles for nurses, and mental health nursing practice are among the classes offered by Modesto Junior College’s associate nursing program.


Are you interested in an associate degree in nursing online?

If you are wondering if you can achieve your nursing career dreams through an online program, the answer is yes. The online ADN program is for those people who barely have enough time on their hands.

The program can be a shortcut to achieving your nursing career because, after your online ADN program, you will be allowed to sit for the NCLEX, after which you can apply for your registered nursing license.

With your license, you can get a good job and earn close to $75000 yearly. Applying for the online ADN program is a big step to achieving your dream of becoming a registered and licensed nurse.

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