20 Best Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) Programs Online

Online programs for women’s health nurse practitioners are a significant next step in your nursing career path.

A BSN, an RN license, and graduate-level studies must become a certified nurse practitioner in women’s health.

As a nurse practitioner, you will learn about all aspects of women’s health from conception through menopause and beyond in an online program.

If you’ve just graduated from a four-year BSN program, racking up even more student loan debt can overwhelm you.

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Nurse practitioners specializing in women’s health make some of the highest medical salaries.

By 2029, there will be a 45 percent growth rate for nurse practitioners, according to the BLS, and WHNPs with their MSNs are no exception, as they have a strong background in primary care, an understanding of integrative medicine, and a desire to build relationships with their patients that will last for years to come.

According to Payscale, suppose you consider that the median annual salary for a working WHNP is $93,018, with plenty of room for advancement.

In that case, you have a very lucrative career ahead of you.

Best WHNP Programs Online

It would help if you kept in mind that the cost of your WHNP and NMC online programs can impact your educational experience and financial prospects.

Don’t let the unexpected cost of your efforts for women’s issues, health, counseling, and education keep you from doing so. Using data from 15 accredited online women’s health nurse practitioner programs, we have compiled this “Best Buy” ranking.

There is currently a $92,000 price difference between the cheapest and most expensive programs, so planning and determining the most cost-effective option will pay dividends in the long run.

The most affordable WHNP online courses can be found in the list below.

Best WHNP Programs Online

1.   University Of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota, School of Nursing, offers a DNP in Women’s Health program that you can complete on-site. To earn a degree as a nurse practitioner in women’s health at the University of Minnesota, students must complete at least 77 credit hours.

Several WHNP doctoral programs at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, are regarded as among the best.

In three years, you can obtain your DNP in Women’s Health through UMN’s online DNP program. Advanced Human Physiology, Pharmacotherapeutics, and WHNP Professional Integration are just some courses offered.

It was established as a land-grant university following the Morrill Land Grant Act in 1851. Nearly 48,000 students attend these two campuses, just a few miles apart.

The University of Minnesota is a part of the University of Minnesota system and is the oldest university.

2.   University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN, comes from the College of Nursing and prepares degree candidates to become Certified Nurse Practitioners.

These on-campus women’s Health NP programs require the completion of 46 total credit units, of which fourteen credit units of clinical hours.

UC Anschutz Medical’s best WHNP programs are typically completed in two to three years but must be completed in five years. It is noted that UC’s women’s health nurse practitioner programs allow more than half of the didactic courses to be offered online.

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is the medical campus of the University of Colorado. The UC Anschutz Medical in Aurora is home to six higher education health sciences institutions.

UC’s health science campus serves more than 3,900 students. A portion of the UC Anschutz Medical campus is situated on what once was the Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.

3.   The University Of Alabama At Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Nursing offers hybrid and online Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN programs.

US News has recognized online WHNP programs at UMN as some of the best available online. Part-time students can enroll in UAB’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) programs.

Students pursuing the MSN Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Alabama in Birmingham must complete a clinical practicum worth ten credit units, 35 units of didactic coursework, and an additional 45 online, asynchronous classes.

In 1936, the University of Alabama established a branch campus in Birmingham to serve as an educational resource for the main campus.

Across the university’s twelve academic colleges and schools, more than 21,000 students are enrolled.

As a result, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is now a stand-alone university within the University of Alabama system.

4.   University Of Cincinnati

An online Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Cincinnati requires degree-seekers to complete 49 credit units.

To earn the degree offered by one of the best online WHNP degree programs in Ohio and the country, UC Online’s WHNP graduate programs require students to complete approximately 672 clinical hours.

Advanced Reproductive Dynamics, Clinical Reasoning, Advanced Women’s Health, and an MSN capstone project are all part of this program’s curriculum.

In 1819, a public university, the University of Cincinnati, was established in Cincinnati, Ohio.

More than 470 acres of land are devoted to the school’s central and uptown campuses, home to nearly 38,000 students pursuing degrees at fourteen colleges and schools.

Cincinnati, Ohio’s University of Cincinnati, has been a member of the state’s university system for more than a century, making it the oldest post-secondary institution in the city.

5.   California State University, Fullerton

The School of Nursing at California State University, Fullerton, offers an MSN in Women’s Health Care.

Cal State Fullerton’s School of Nursing’s online women’s health nurse practitioner programs has been accredited by the CCNE – the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

This accreditation confirms that the WHNP program at California State University, Fullerton is among the best available online. Online women’s health NP programs can fulfill some of the requirements for a WHNP degree.

It was founded in 1957 as a public university by the California State Board of Regents. Cal State Fullerton has been designated as a Hispanic-serving institution.

The urban campus of California State University, Fullerton, stretches over 225 acres and is home to more than 40,000 students. CSU Fullerton is the largest university in the California State University system (in terms of student enrollment).

6.   Case Western Reserve University

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN program at Case Western Reserve University offers a variety of specializations for nurses who want to work with women in optimal health.

From adolescence to post-menopause, students learn how to care for women in all stages of life.

In this program, gynecological care is not the only focus. Case Western is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women’s health.

Additionally, students learn how to provide well-woman care and prevent disease in various settings and contexts. There are both online and face-to-face components to the hybrid curriculum.

It’s a great place to get a WHNP degree because it’s challenging.

Case Western is a flourishing university with lots of advancements and opportunities. Science and technology are their strong points, so their medical programs make a lot of breakthroughs.

Curiosity is cultivated and fostered in this school. There is an emphasis on teaching students to think deeply and critically and ask good questions.

Case Western’s Nursing School is among the best nursing schools in the United States.

7.   University Of Missouri – Kansas City

Programs for women’s healthcare are flourishing at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). Both an MSN and DNP in Women’s Health are available to students at this institution.

The program covers a wide range of topics related to women’s health, including reproductive health, prenatal care, and general primary care.

Science and critical thinking are heavily emphasized in the MSN and DNP programs.

Women’s care, treatment, and prevention emphasize evidence-based practices supported by research. It’s an excellent option for students who need a lot of flexibility because the program is entirely online.

You can find nurse practitioner programs for women in healthcare settings at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Student success is a top priority at UMKC, a diverse and affordable school. A diverse student body means students can learn significantly from their peers and professors.

Their education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City prepares them for their careers. It’s no secret that UMKC faculty members are some of the best in their fields.

UMKC is a place where people who want to succeed are encouraged. Six UMKC professors are currently recipients of the Guggenheim Fellowships.

8.   Emory University

Emory University’s MSN in Women’s Health program is outstanding. On-campus or hybrid learning options are available to students in this program.

Any way you look at it, it’s an excellent program. This course teaches students how to deal with women’s challenges when seeking medical attention.

These students are ready to help disadvantaged women due to various factors, such as a lack of financial resources or racial bias. Emory University’s NP program for women’s health is one of the best online because of this specialized focus.

Health science programs at Emory University, a private university, stand out among the school’s offerings. Students at this institution benefit from a unique blend of classroom instruction and cutting-edge research.

In addition to knowing that their teachers are devoted to their success, students are also allowed to participate in cutting-edge research projects.

Emory University Hospital is the best hospital in Georgia and the Atlanta metropolitan area.

9.   Duke University

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN students at Duke University learn about women’s healthcare through an interdisciplinary approach.

As part of a team, students are taught how to provide the best possible care for women. Students can pursue primary care, adolescent care, high-risk pregnancies, or any other focus in this program.

Duke University’s online WHNP program is one of the best because of its breadth and knowledge.

Duke University offers a well-rounded education that includes both academics and extracurricular activities. Doing so helps students realize their full potential and become leaders in their communities and the world.

At this university, students have access to cutting-edge research and world-class instruction. Students who attend Duke can expect to be well-prepared for their future endeavors.

The only WHNP program in North Carolina is Duke’s.

10. Vanderbilt University

MSN students at Vanderbilt University can take advantage of various educational opportunities in the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program.

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to improve their health, protect others from disease, and assist women in navigating puberty, family planning, and pregnancy. It’s a well-rounded course that allows students to put their skills to good use.

Classroom and clinical training are incorporated into the program.

In contrast, Vanderbilt’s modified distance learning program is open to those with prior nursing experience. Overall, Vanderbilt University is a great place to earn a WHNP degree.

One of the best universities globally, Vanderbilt is among the most challenging. A strong emphasis on student support and cutting-edge research is placed on the school’s curriculum.

In many cases, Vanderbilt is at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries. Students with the Vanderbilt name on their resumes can access various career options.

The nursing program at Vanderbilt University is ranked eighth in the country.

11.   Florida A&M University

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program at Florida A&M University allows students to earn their degrees online or on campus. In both ways, they receive a well-rounded education.

Students who complete this program can treat various medical conditions and learn how to treat infections specific to women.

Gender and social structures, as well as economic class, are also addressed in the classroom. This is one of the best online programs for a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

FAMU is a historically black university with a strong emphasis on leadership and academic achievement. Students can make the most of their educational opportunities thanks to the assistance this institution provides.

Students learn in a classroom setting as well as through hands-on experience. FAMU is committed to assisting its students in developing personal and professional networks.

FAMU has been recognized as one of the best historically Black colleges and universities.

12. Georgia College & State University

Completing Georgia College & State University’s online MSN in Women’s Health program is possible. However, a few travels to campus are necessary.

The state of Georgia is also the only place where you can accrue clinical hours.

A well-rounded approach is provided by this program, which incorporates both hands-on experience and classroom learning.

Students are taught how to treat a woman with respect at every stage of a woman’s life. You can find an excellent online women’s health NP program here.

As an active liberal arts university, GCSU offers a unique blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience.

Students receive the individualized attention required to achieve their academic goals in this challenging school. Students frequently look up to their teachers for advice and guidance.

Students at GCSU learn to lead and never to stop learning. To be successful, they must acquire the necessary resources and master the art of using those resources effectively.

Quality and affordability are two of GCSE’s strong suits, as evidenced by the numerous accolades the university has received over the years.

13. Drexel University

MSN in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner is an online program at Drexel University that does necessitate some on-campus time.

This program teaches how to provide high-quality care in primary and women’s healthcare settings.

An array of women’s health and gender-related issues are addressed in the program. Drexel University’s online WHNP program is one of the best because of the rigorous coursework and wide range of topics.

It’s Drexel’s mission to encourage students to think outside the square.

As a result, students are better prepared for life after high school. Their online program is successful because Drexel University understands that traditional classroom instruction isn’t the only way to learn.

Drexel is the place if you’re looking for challenging academics and unparalleled support from your professors. They learn how to use the tools they’ve been given to succeed.

In 2018, Drexel was ranked as one of the best colleges for innovation.

14. Thomas Jefferson University

The Thomas Jefferson University Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program is only available online, providing students with the necessary flexibility.

The topics covered in this program are wide-ranging. It enables students to treat women’s medical issues and other gender-related conditions.

This program helps students provide comprehensive care, covering everything from primary care to pain conditions. It is among the best online programs for a women’s health nurse practitioner.

Thomas Jefferson University has much going for it in academic programs, but it shines in the sciences. Its healthcare programs have been widely praised for their high quality and cutting-edge design.

Employers in the medical field are looking for adaptable individuals who can quickly learn new skills in an ever-changing environment. To help students succeed in their careers, Thomas Jefferson University teaches students to be flexible and adaptable.

Jefferson places a high value on multidisciplinary research. It emphasizes the importance of cooperation among programs and industry experts.

15. Georgetown University

Georgetown’s School of Nursing & Health Studies offers an online women’s health nurse practitioner program that includes asynchronous, synchronous, and short-term campus intensives.

Women’s health courses are available in various areas, including prenatal and postpartum care, life-long health care, general wellness and prevention, and reproductive healthcare.

Graduates of this program are eligible to take the board certification exam offered by the National Certification Corporation. In 2019, the program had a 100% certification rate.

For working nurses, Georgetown’s program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and offers classes on a part-time basis. Over 23 months, students can expect to finish 44 credits.

In addition, you must complete 784 hours of clinical work and attend two mandatory on-campus intensives.

16. Kent State University

Kent State University offers an online MSN, DNP, or post-graduate certificate in women’s health nursing. The MSN requires 42 credits and takes two years to complete, whereas the DNP requires 76 credits and takes three to four years.

Advanced nursing informatics, health policy and advanced nursing practice, and pathophysiology for advanced practice nurses are among the courses taught in these programs.

As part of your graduation requirements, you must complete 675 clinical hours.

No GRE scores are required for applicants to the BSN-to-DNP program, but there are for MSN applicants.

For the second time in three years, the National League for Nursing has recognized Kent State as a nursing education center of excellence and awarded it accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

You have the option to enroll part-time or full-time and to begin in the fall or spring. All students pay the same $525 per credit regardless of where they live.

17. University of Colorado Denver

An MSN in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) education program is available at the University of Colorado Denver.

Program graduates will be eligible for certification as Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners. The primary goal is specialization; this program qualifies students for national certification.

As primary care practitioners, students are well-equipped to assume leadership roles. This program focuses on women’s unique challenges at every stage of their lives.

Students are allowed to work in various industries across the United States.

After completing their degrees, numerous students pursue careers in private practice, healthcare facilities, and public health clinics.

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Colorado Denver is one of the best in the country. This program provides a good mix of classroom instruction and clinical training.

Leadership skills are also developed through cross-disciplinary teamwork. Research at the University of Colorado Denver has contributed significantly to women’s reproductive health and safety education advances.

18. Stony Brook University, SUNY

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN programs are available through Stony Brook University, a State University of New York (SUNY) campus in Stony Brook, New York.

Women and their families will benefit from nurses’ expertise through this program. Women’s health is the focus of this program, which aims to promote, maintain, and restore it throughout their lives.

Diagnosing and treating women’s illnesses is what students learn in this course. In addition, students take on the role of change agents and advocates for women’s health issues.

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program at Stony Brook University, SUNY, is one of the best in the country. The nursing school’s programs are either full- or part-time, depending on the student’s needs.

Students can earn a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nursing from Stony Brook University.

19. University of Nebraska

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is available.

Students in this program learn to specialize in women’s health issues as they prepare for advanced practice as nurse practitioners.

As soon as they graduate, students focus on serving the people of Nebraska and the surrounding area.

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Nebraska aspires to produce professional practice and academic research leaders.

Students in the Master of Science in Nursing program must take classes in the classroom and the laboratory and participate in outpatient care at a local hospital.

In addition, the Nebraska Medical Center operates two hospital towers on campus.

20.   Carlow University

Carlow University’s MSN Nurse Practitioner program focuses on women’s health to better serve the needs of women. The Carlow program provides nurses with the necessary training to provide compassionate care for women.

Students graduate from the program with a deep understanding of the unique needs of women throughout their lives and the confidence to treat them.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carlow University’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program is one of the best in the country for students.

They have small classes, online programs, and in-class instruction. The Sisters of Mercy’s belief in compassion is also their foundation.


A women’s health nurse practitioner examines all aspects of women’s lives and assesses, diagnoses, and treats them. They can work in private practice, hospitals, clinics, or emergency rooms.

Their services include preventative care, contraceptive care, and breast cancer screenings.

In addition, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners provide prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum care, including health counseling, infection evaluation, and treatment.

Imaging and blood tests may also be ordered and reviewed by them.

A women’s health nurse practitioner may devise a treatment plan, schedule patients for surgery, and work with the surgical department to ensure a smooth operation.

These experts may provide preparation for surgery and a post-operative care plan, and patients may be discharged from the hospital following procedures.

Women’s health nurse practitioners work closely with the patient, their families, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible care for their patients.

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