Is An Accelerated Nursing Program Doable If You Have Kids?

Can a parent with kids go through an ABSN program and succeed at it?

You’re probably wondering if you can combine studying for an ABSN and parenting. Yes, you can. Many graduate students and nurses juggle study, job, and family.

You don’t have to put your nursing career on hold because you have a family. You can balance nursing school and family life with sacrifice, commitment, and dedication.

Before now, you’ve pondered on many issues. Is an accelerated nursing program doable if you have kids? I hope you won’t miss out on the formative years of your kid?

Guess you’re wondering if an accelerated nursing program is worth it. Here’s how to navigate nursing school and family life while maintaining your sanity.

  • Discuss schedule with your family

Before you resume nursing school, you should discuss it with your family. This conversation is vital so everyone can understand your schedule and assume new roles when necessary.

Meanwhile, your partner may have to spend more time with the kids and pick them up after school hours. Explain in clear terms to your kids about the new routine.

Assure them that you’ll make up for the lost time.

  • Create a master calendar

Have a master calendar for work and school.

Mark out exam dates, doctor’s appointments, and recitals. Include your class schedule as well. Your calendar should feature work trips, holidays, and significant events.

Seek your partner’s opinion about the schedule. This idea will help to make informed decisions.

  • Discover your most productive hours

Find out when you’re most productive. You should wake up early and study before others wake up if you’re a morning person.

Perhaps you’re a night owl; stay up late and study when the kids go to bed. Learning will be more effective and productive when you know your peak study periods.

  • Make sacrifices

What are you willing to give up? You’re neither a machine nor a superhero. Being human with limited capacity can be an arduous task combining nursing school and family life.

Thus, it’s recommended you create a list of all the activities in your life and prioritize them. Know what you should prioritize and what to let go of.

You might have to limit visiting hours at your relatives’ or stop some irrelevant activities that are time-consuming. While you want to save time on important tasks, don’t neglect self-care.

Make time to exercise and relax.

  • Maximize nap time

It’s blissful to see kids fast asleep while the house is entirely quiet. Swing into action once your kids are napping. Maximize the time and complete tasks.

Check them off your to-do list. Have your assignment completed and begin to prepare for your exams. Don’t feel tempted to nap while your kids are sleeping.

Use your time judiciously.

  • Keep the kids busy

Plan your study time to coincide with your kids’ playtime. Ask them questions about nursing and explain why you’re studying nursing.

This engagement will stir their imagination and curiosity, making them want to explore. Keep your kids occupied with medical equipment like a stethoscope, gloves, etc.

Furthermore, allow them to play with drawings and crafts.

  • Set rewards

Most times, kids will distract you when you’re studying. They can decide to throw tantrums or play around the house, making you lose concentration while you learn.

Typically, kids like gifts. Set rewards for the child that don’t interrupt your study time.

These treats will make them stay calm. As a form of reward, you can start a new tradition. Read their favorite story while they sleep, or take your kids on a walk to the park.

  • Build a support system

It’s expedient you get a sound support system. This support will aid a smooth and seamless nursing program. Build connections with other parents as this will help your transition.

Fellow parents can help keep watch over your kids while you study. Form study partners with them. This group will enable you to gain maximally and increase your chances of excelling at nursing school.

  • Plan family time

Irrespective of your busy schedule, find time for your family.

Schedule a day or night for family time. You can go sightseeing, see a movie at the cinema or sit in to watch your favorite show. Find time for your partner too.

You can hire a babysitter to watch the kids while hanging out with your partner.

  • A part-time program won’t be a bad idea.

If you can juggle family and nursing school, consider a part-time program.

Several part-time nursing programs are available. Ensure you make the right choice. You can search for programs around your locality.

Consider programs that are divided into several curricula and require less time. Online nursing programs aren’t such a bad idea too. Consider those with video tutorials that allow you to learn at your own pace.

In addition, opt for programs with a flexible structure that suits you.

  • Don’t wait

You might want to stall your nursing dreams because of your kids. Remember that you’ll still want to think about them in the coming years. Excuses will always arise. It would help if you took the bull by the horns.

The best time to start your accelerated nursing program is now. Reaffirm yourself that you’re doing it to secure your kids’ future. It’s only for a limited time. Your ABSN program is worth it.

Ponder on where you are at the moment and your future when you’ve completed the program.


Back to the question, is an accelerated nursing program doable if you have kids? Yes, it’s possible. You will have difficulty combining the two, but it’s worth the stress, time, and investment.

Doing an accelerated nursing program while parenting will yield profitable returns. Don’t let your nursing dream slip by; plan your schedule with your family and make sacrifices.

Make efficient use of nap time. Build a robust support system and plan family time.

If you’re willing to go back to nursing school, consider an ABSN program. It’s pretty flexible, accommodating all your needs and preference even as a mum.

Regardless of the number of kids you have, plan your schedule and excel at your studies and parenting.